• hildren and adult▓s with autism

    ways they couldn't otherwise.They're sometimes nonverbal and live in their own▓ worlds. But they can paint whatever they want without even considering the benefits, he r▓ealized."This may p

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    rovide insight into art's essence," Li believes."Society should give them more opportunities to be understood."Li and Zhou founded an annual art exhibition with the association to display

    he lobby. Bags

  • , bottles and phone case▓s

    works by people with autism in 2008 to promote awareness.Zhou says greater publicity would help▓ them sell artworks and related products."W▓e then could have enough money to cover expenses a

    printed with t
  • he paintings line a shelf.▓"We

    nd reward the painters," she says.Shel▓tered employmentA bakery on the stud▓io's second floor teaches adults with autism ▓how to make pastries for free.Zhou says▓ they plan to turn the bakery

    help them sell
  • the paintings and make creative

    into a sheltered workshop that not only ensures inco▓mes for people with autism but also protects them from the outside world."They're like people▓ who never grow up and don't know social co

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nventions," Zhou says."They feel safe in their comfort zon▓es and adhere to strict routines. That's why we want ▓to shel

under▓ Zhou Jing says

ter them."The bakers went to Beijing's Grand Summit to sell cookies and products printed ▓with paintings every week, with

."A big part o

assistance from full-time teachers and volunteers."We encourage them to work within their capabilities, enabling the▓m

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to earn money in a respectable way," says Guo Ying, a full-time teacher in the studio."They can ▓also learn how to inter

es directly to them."The

studio also

usic and handicraft le

care and protection, Zhou says."I ho▓pe the government can develop solutions to guarantee their 

i▓ated with the Beijing

tice and know how to help us."Job optionThough sheltered employment is a good option for families who want their children to be protected in workpl▓aces, some parents hope their children can function in ordinary workplaces and explore their potential to engage the outside world.China's gov▓ernment and NGOs practice supported employment, which gi▓ves people with disabilities employ▓ment opportunities to work with peers who

don't have disab▓ilities through vocational rehabilitation and job coaching.The country plans to cultivate 2,500 job coaches for supported employment by 2020▓, according to China's 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20).The NGO Rong Ai Rong Le ▓has been developing supported employment since 2013.The organization first assesses candidates' emotional stabi▓lity

and communication ability to see if they're suitable, project manager Qu Zhuo explains."About a third of people with autism are appropriate for the program," Qu says."Coaches give one-on-one instruction in vocational skills, social propriety and self-care."Coaches ▓then follow them on the job for months to make sure they can handle the work."The wh

ole process averages a year," Qu says."So fa▓r, 37 trainees with disabilities have signed contract▓s with companies."The Beijing-based NGO founded by parents of children with intellec▓tual and development disabilities is a pioneer of supported ▓employment in China."We're striving to give these vulnerable groups a fair chance in the workplace," Qu s

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ays.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on Inst▓agramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatFormer nanny convicted of killing 2 children in New YorkFormer nanny convicted of killing 2

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old forme▓r nanny who stabbed two children to death was convicted of murder Wednesday with the jury rejecting her claim that she had suffered an "undiagn

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osed mental illness".Yoselyn Ortega, who had worked for the victims' family▓ as a nanny for about two years, stabbed six-year-old Lucia a

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nd two-year-old Leo to death with a kitchen knife in the bathroom of their apartment in 2012, while the children's paren▓ts were away.The 12-member jury fo

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und Ortega's de▓fense that she was too insane to realize what she was doing▓ when she stabbed Lucia more than 30 times and Leo fiv

of children with autism.Zho

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